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The 32 groups who have met all requirements for the 2018 Fifa World Cup will discover this week who they will look in the gathering stages in Russia.

The primary 2018 World Cup draw happens on Friday in Moscow and will be facilitated by previous England striker Gary Lineker and Russian columnist Maria Komandnaya.

As per the Daily Mail, star visitors arranged to show up at the draw incorporate Nikita Simonyan, Diego Maradona, Gordon Banks, Miroslav Klose, Laurent Blanc, Cafu, Carles Puyol, Diego Forlan and Fabio Cannavaro.

In the event that the present dress practice is anything to pass by, England could be set for an extreme test in the World Cup assemble stages. Lineker tweeted a photo indicating Russia versus Britain as the opening round of next summer's finals.

We take a gander at which groups have qualified and how the draw will function.

How might I watch the draw on TV?

The World Cup draw will be communicated live on BBC Two and Sky Sports. is additionally anticipated that would live stream the occasion from Moscow.

Which groups have met all requirements for the 2018 World Cup?

Europe: Russia (has), Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Serbia

Africa: Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria and Morocco

North and Central America: Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama

South America: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay

Asia: Iran, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia
Which groups are in which pots?

Fifa reported the pots for the draw after Peru turned into the last group to qualify. The four pots of eight groups were chosen by the October world rankings, in dropping request.

Hosts Russia are top seeds and are in pot one close by the seven most elevated positioning groups. Britain are in pot two.
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How does the draw function?

As indicated by the Fifa site, no groups from a similar confederation - except for Uefa - will be drawn into a similar gathering. A most extreme of two European groups can be in any gathering.

At the point when is the 2018 World Cup?

Beginning with the opening match on 14 June, the 2018 World Cup will see a sum of 64 matches played in 11 urban communities crosswise over Russia. The last will happen on 15 July at the Luzhniki Stadium, in Moscow.

PCCW-possessed telecasters Now TV and Viu TV have secured the rights in Hong Kong to the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.

The arrangement will see Now TV – a compensation TV station - give live scope of every one of the 64 recreations from the lead worldwide competition, while Viu TV will demonstrate 19 live matches on allowed to-air TV, including the opening apparatus, the two semi-finals and the last.

Furthermore, Now TV will demonstrate the present draw for the gathering phases of the opposition. In the mean time, Viu TV will create a progression of supporting projects in the development to and amid the competition.

CCTV pockets Fifa media rights until 2022
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Janice Lee, overseeing chief of PCCW Media Group, stated: "With our broad involvement in creating and broadcasting substantial scale universal and neighborhood brandishing occasions, including La Liga, Premier League, Uefa Europa League and Uefa Euro 2016, Now TV plans to offer watchers great World Cup happiness, regardless of whether on a live or on-request premise, on our TV, web and versatile stages. Also, with ViuTV's neighborhood generation quality and innovativeness, we intend to add greater fervor and excitement to this uber occasion for the happiness regarding watchers in Hong Kong.
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Philippe Le Floc'h, Fifa's central business officer, included that Fifa was "exceptionally satisfied to work with such a solid communicate accomplice" and to impart the enthusiasm of the occasion to Hong Kong's "immense football fan base."

The 2018 Fifa World Cup will be the 21st version of the competition, and is booked to occur between fourteenth June and fifteenth July one year from now.
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